October 14th

Lyman Hall Football Field

2:50 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.

Food Trucks - Los Mariachis | Ted's Steamed Cheesburger |  Bananas Ice Cream!

Walking Tacos | Hot Dogs | UFO's & More!

Hosting 17 bands from across the region!


The Cheshire Competition Performance


About the show

Composed by Rob Stein
Percussion by Trent Gronewold and Eric Shriver

Originally commissioned for:
Downers Grove South High School - Downers Grove, IL

1. Entering the Cosmos
A solo rudimental snare drum and lone French horn herald our entry into “the cosmos” as we embark on our mission. An energetic fanfare leads to the first impact of the show, and is sure to impress your audiences and judges! As the movement continues, a unison woodwind feature will show off your outstanding musicians, and seamlessly leads to another impact moment.

2. Dust, Sweat, and Blood
Every path to greatness has challenges along the way. Low brass impacts immediately change the uplifting tone we heard in the early stages of the show, and lead to a duet between a violin and cello that tells of the long and difficult road it can be towards achieving success. Energetic melodic lines in the woodwinds and brass build up to another impact as we pick ourselves up off the mat and continue fighting.

3. Coming Up Short
The snare drum from the intro to the show returns, as does our string duet, this time sharing a mournful tune that shows the feeling of being at one’s lowest point in their path. A solo flute takes over as swells in the supporting ensemble build up to a beautiful impact that calls on both major and minor tonalities to create a sense of tension and anguish. Just when it seems as though darkness will prevail, a bright major tonality comes forward to signal the vigilance that it takes to move past defeat, and onto victory!

4. Finding Success
The violin and cello return, this time adding shades of optimism back into the score. Fanfare-like material returns and builds to a powerful ending, as we realize that success has been achieved through hard work and perseverance. We are all better for having been in “The Cosmos!”


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